Video Poker with Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild Poker is a fast, exciting variant of online poker with a Wild West aesthetic that draws inspiration from the game’s many unique features. The Microgaming interface is straightforward and entertaining, and it is light years ahead of the clunky, out-of-date Video Poker programs seen in many online casinos today.

The best part about this Video Poker game is that Microgaming didn’t just copy the standard casino-style control panel; they added their own spin on it. This adds to the game’s overall appeal and sets it apart from similar titles. To the left of the game’s paytable, a sultry cowgirl stands, and Wild Deuces line the outer edges of the primary playing area. This Wild West-inspired theme is another example of why Microgaming is a leading software developer.


Video Poker Fun Like Never Before

In Deuces Wild, the deuces (or ‘2’s, if you don’t know the language) can be utilized as wilds to replace any other card. This is the game’s main draw because it offers the highest potential for frequent financial gain. You can win with hand combinations that don’t even exist in standard Poker, such “Five of a Kind,” and you get royally rewarded for getting a Royal Flush without using any wild deuces.


You have up to five cards to form a hand, and after each deal you have the option of keeping or discarding any number of the cards dealt to you. Deuces Wild is a type of online Poker that, like Jacks or Better, only pays out for three of a kind or better. However, because of the wild cards, getting three of a kind is considerably more likely.


When you win a hand, you can choose to “gamble” it for the chance to double or even quadruple your money. Even if you don’t get a Natural Royal Flush (which pays up to $8,000), the payouts for other wins will be significantly increased.


Smooth Video Poker Play Available Online

You can expect the usual smoothness and speed from Microgaming’s visuals, while the sound effects are understated but effective. The gratifying ‘cha-ching’ of the cash register when you win a hand is my favorite part. This kind of care goes into making the Microgaming version of the game so enjoyable, and when deciding what to play, Deuces Wild is a no-brainer.


It’s tough to find fault with Deuces Wild because it’s such a good time. Try it out for free on this page, and when you’re ready, head over to one of our top-recommended online casinos to play with real money. Building a winning hand in Deuces Wild isn’t difficult, so you’ll be well on your way to a large win in no time!

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