A Wheelie extraordinary beginning the first ODI from Rajkot

Almighty then. Ashley Giles has proactively accomplished something Andy Bloom proved unable: an ODI win in the title holders’ back yard. Ian Chime was correct. The warm up matches truly were useless. Britain’s prosperity was based on the one truly impressive part of our side: the top request batting. Alastair Cook keeps on playing like superman, while Ian Ringer keeps on batting more like Mahela Jayawardene than Mahela Jayawardene as of now does. Their initial stand of 158 was tranquil.

Britain’s all out of 325-4 was valuable however distant from unassailable

The pitch was compliment than the flattest flapjack on Shrove Tuesday. We presumably ought to have scored more. The fourth fifty of the innings, when Pietersen and Morgan were at the wrinkle, were by a long shot our slowest. We got contemplative when we ought to have been in T20 trudge mode; without a doubt, it took a last heave appearance from Samit Patel, and a couple of impeccably executed hockey shots from Kieswetter, to get us more than 300.India’s pursuit started forebodingly well. Rahane and Gambhir exploited some poor bowling from Dernbach (that is from the conveyances that weren’t too wide to even consider hitting) and at one point it seemed as though 500 could never have been sufficient.

Be that as it may, man of the match James Tredwell, who took a splendid 4-44, swung the game towards Britain. A portion of India’s excusals were delicate – yet we should not underrate the bowler Kent’s chief off-spinner has become. Tredwell doesn’t precisely seem to be a competitor. Frankly, he doesn’t seem as though he has a place in the public eye by any means. His disposition is excessively honest; he looks like a socially off-kilter bookkeeper who actually lives with his Mum.

Be that as it may appearances can be underhanded

Gareth Insane seemed to be the cliché English off-spinner: pleasant activity, contentious character, certainty emerging from his ears. Be that as it may, how frequently did he do the business for Britain? Not all the time. Tredwell is the inverse. He seems to be your typical club cricketer, yet he has every one of the abilities. So Britain walk on. India will be tired of seeing us. MS Dhoni was surely not entertained during the post-match introductions. Be that as it may, why the miserable face MS?

On the off chance that you take a gander at the authority world rankings, Britain are the main group on the planet. Believe it or not. In paper our ODI group is superior to our test group. We know that is misdirecting; you know that is deceiving; yet it is reality. Perhaps we shouldn’t believe ourselves to be lasting longshots any longer. I think Ashley Giles is arranging this extraordinary Hollywood story where the English ODI group is under dogging their way to the world cup. He can’t manage the cost of them not being the dark horse in this situation. They don’t deal with being victors well.

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