A Comprehensive Analysis of the FortuneJack Casino

The website is organized quite well overall, however there are a few places where we think it may be improved. Due to the “heavy” focus that the website has on Bitcoin, some points were deducted from its total score. If you do not have a solid grasp of Bitcoin and the exchange rates, you will need to make a lot of calculations in order to determine how much certain limitations or bonuses are worth. Many websites that focus only on Bitcoin will include real-world currency guidelines on their homepages to assist users. Having said that, you won’t need more than a few minutes to understand everything.

The number of online casinos and gaming sites that accept Bitcoin has been steadily increasing as Bitcoin’s use has become more widespread. FortuneJack was founded in 2014 by the Nexus Group and is currently regarded to be one of the younger competitors on the market while having a significant amount of potential value. FortuneJack is the only website that deals only in Bitcoin, in contrast to several other websites that provide Bitcoin as well as other types of currencies. This does not imply that you cannot use other means to finance your account; you will only need to fund them into a Bitcoin wallet before depositing into the site. Using other payment methods is not prohibited.

If you’re not aware with Bitcoin, this digital currency offers a plethora of perks and advantages that are applicable to almost all activities that can be carried out via the internet, including online gaming. It offers a cheaper and more effective method to transfer money while also allowing you to secure your identity and the specifics of your financial transactions. If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of how everything pertains to Bitcoin, we have compiled this tutorial just for your use.

Initial Suggestions

When we initially arrived to FortuneJack, the very first thing that stood out to us was that they place a significant emphasis on Bitcoin. What exactly does this entail? When writing stuff on their websites, a lot of websites will first convert Bitcoins into a currency that is more commonly used. This is done so that individuals who are new to Bitcoin may comprehend the content of the website a bit better.
It seems that FortuneJack does not follow this practice and instead has everything printed up in Bitcoins.
For instance, some websites, even those that accept Bitcoin, may describe their prize sum as $2 million, yet FortuneJack lists their big jackpot as 1855.99352835 Bitcoins. The total value of these will remain the same despite the fact that they have been organized in a new manner.

Does this indicate that your chances of winning the jackpot have been reduced in any way? Of course not, but there is a possibility that you may need an extra learning curve in order to become aware of the quantities of a few items. When you initially begin playing at the site, this will most likely need you to do a few more calculations, but it is most likely something that you will ultimately get used to doing.

In addition, as we were exploring the site for the first time, we noted that the overall quality of the games seemed to be rather excellent. There were no branded games that we were able to find, but they did offer a large selection of games from at least nine different companies. Their range of table and card games seemed to be larger than that of the majority of the other websites in the business, in addition to the vast number of slot games that were available to pick from. These contained a large number of variants or games that were quite similar to one another, which might be a significant benefit for someone who is fussy about the kind of games they want to play.

In terms of the layout, it first seemed to be quite clean and well thought out; however, after doing a little more digging, we discovered some aspects that we believe they might improve on to make navigating and finding your favorite games a little simpler. In this sense, the layout appeared to be fairly well put out. When we initially saw the list of games, they had various methods for users to access it, which really threw us off our game. The games are also categorized based on their kind, and then by the company that developed them.
The separation of different types of games is quite helpful, but if we are being completely honest with you, we have no clue who the developers of our favorite games are, so this kind of arrangement may appear a little bit unnecessary to the casual player. In the next parts, we’ll go over this topic in further detail.

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